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I have a set of Carbone Lorraine rear brake pads for a 2007 LT that I will send for free to the first person who sends me a PM with their mailing address.

Full disclosure: I bought these from BBY not knowing that they were sintered pads which neither BMW nor EBC recommends for use with their rear rotors. I had used a set of these to replace my rear OEM pads and when I replaced the rear disk at 54,000 miles, it was worn to service limits. I did not know at that time that the OEM pads are organic pads due to the rear disk being made from a softer material than the fronts. I learned this when I got the EBC replacement disk and they emphasized, in red font no less, in their documentation that full sintered pads were NOT to be used with their disk.

I discussed this with BBY and even though they insisted that these pads were OK for use with OEM and EBC disks, when I read the EBC documentation where they explained quite well why these pads are not acceptable, I agree with EBC. BBY offered to take these back for credit against another order, but I did not need anything during the last two years and quite frankly forgot I had these until I was doing some winter organization today and came across them on the back of my desk under some papers. So, probably a little late to hold BBY to their offer (they really should have offered a refund, but they refused do do that), and I recently ordered all the parts I hope to need for the next two years, so I will give them to anyone who wants them given the full disclosure above.

I know some folks have said they had no issue using these, but I am quite convinced these are what wore out my rear disk. It was only slightly worn at 27,000 when I replaced the OEM pads and was worn to near service limit at an equal number of miles with the CL pads. However, if you want them just drop me your address.


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