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messenger13 said:
6 lights for under $60, the least you could do is tell us where you bought the lights. Brand? Part numbers? DETAILS MAN!!! :D

hehehehehe....Here's a picture with the flash...

it was pretty late last night when I finished up. I'll get some more pictures (taken in the day) posted later.

Well, the two on the top(under the mirrors) are Hella FF50's. Scored for $30 something from Ebay. Made my own brackets etc. for a few $$ woth of nuts, bolts and spacers. The lights tucked under the nose cone are $10 lights bought at some rally, a while back. and the lights under the tip over wings were picked up from Walmart for $14.99.

FWIW, I've use the Walmart lights on my two previous bikes as well as on the car for a lot more than 40K miles so far. A friend of mine has had the $10 lights on 4-5 different bikes (just moving them over from one to the other) for almost 4 years now with not a problem. That leaves the Hella FF50's. This is the first time I've used them. Let's see how well they hold up.

BTW, I've had the lights under the tipover wings always running since they were installed almost 3K miles back.

When just the lights under the nose cone are ON

When the headlight and the lights under the tipover wings are ON

When headlights and Hella FF50's are ON
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