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Had another awesome time at Cambria; thanks again David Taylor for setting this up! Took the route through Fort Hunter Liggett over to the coast. The road's in good shape, but narrow, so you have to watch out for the occasional mini-van taking their half out of the middle.

Got a pic from the top of the mountain heading down to the sea. Twisties the whole way. The Bluebird is an awesome 1950's era motel that is painstakingly maintained. Really Cool.

The group gathered for one or two beers before heading to the restaurant for three or four margaritas...

Got about 650 miles of riding in, on this outstanding weekend!


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Not to be out done... Thanks to David for setting it up. It was really nice seeing that nice, new, pretty GTL fall! (Nothing but pride was hurt) Even better because it was a stealer loaner!!! :D

And Dinner.. OMG.. Never again... Never!

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