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Hello! iˋm new here and I own now nice LT with abs3 with servo system here in Finland. Nice that you have this kind forum there! My abs-light is blinking (fast) and !-light is on. Not with every time after starting but 8/10. And servo is wisling all the time and giving power to rear and front. I changed the dot4 but no better. Battery is about 12,5. Lights are ok, i think. Any ideas? 911? Iˋm also interesting to bypass the abs. LT was little time with no servo (donˋt ask why) and that wasnˋt bad. Does anybody have any manual or link to that bypassing?

Thank you BMW-FRIENDS!

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Here is another source in the UK for repairs:

UK Office:
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But on the subject of bypass the front is fairly easy with the addition of a few fittings but you will need a custom made hose for the rear. Also to retain the speedometer, cruise control and brake lights you need to remove the circuit card from the ABS and keep it hooked up to the harness. Wrap it in plastic to insulate it.


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