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Does anyone know where I can find a replacement bulb for the license plate bulb 1077? It is a dual filament buld too.

I have read a few past posts on this issue -- but I can't seem to nail down an exact answer.



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That is the BMW euro spec bulb (1077) but an 1157 will work just fine. It draws just slightly more current. (0.59 amp vs.0.48)

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You might also check out LED replacement bulbs like this one if you are interested in longer life.

The one in the link is angled at 90 degrees to point the light down through the plate. This might reduce the amount of light it shows to the rear through the red lens unless the reflector is angled to catch the light and disperse it rearward. They have plenty of other bulbs, including "Christmas Tree" shaped bulbs that have LED Elements facing the sides as well as out the back. These side LEDs illuminate the reflector and the rear facing ones shine directly out through the tail/turn lens. I use these on my bike and they are bright!

If you swap to LEDs for brake/turn, remember to change your flasher or use load equalizers.
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