Items For Trade:

I just bought a 2016 RT with about 24k on it. It has the Brown Corbin Heated bench seat. I have no idea how many miles are on the seat itself, but it does have some wear marks as shown.

I figured out why people like Corbin seats. Your butt goes numb within about 50 miles and you don't really care if it's comfortable anymore ha! Just kidding of course...but it's not for me. I'm 5'10" 155 lbs and I've got no "natural" padding on my butt, so after about 300 miles...this seat's got to go.

I'll take anything else...preferably stock/heated. I'd consider Sergeant, RDL, Mayer, etc. The trade would have to be done in person because I had a deal with the dealer to trade stock seats with a 2017 RT and for some unknown reason to them, the plugs were different. So there might need to be some rewiring for you or for me...I really don't know...thus the request for meeting in person.

Even trade for similar shape.

Will Trade For:

Stock Seat (or any seat that fits me and the bike)