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Brand new bike, what killed the battery??

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Been parked for 2 days, go to start it today...TFT warning on battery.

Yup, its dead.


Its been dark and quiet in the garage..​
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Before you parked it how much did you drive the bike each time you started it? FWIW my 2009 GS had two batteries go bad in the first year I had the bike. Took the second one apart and found the internal tie straps between cells to be very flimsy. Needless to say another BMW battery did not go back in.
maybe 15mi, I dont recall, but at LEAST a commute drive home from work.

The system was "on" for maybe two minutes doing a read off the ECU, that was it.
Put a trickle charger on it.
If that's the solution to a 2-day lifetie of a battery, you're in the wrong thread. ;)

I ride mostly every day, if I leave it for weeks..i'll plug it in.
Any added accessories like a GPS? Was everything shut off? Maybe parking light left on? I have a 2013, and if I remove my Zumo XT before it tells me “power has been lost” the Zumo cradle stays powered and will kill the battery in a couple of days. Weird, I know, but that’s how mine works. Any extreme cold temps in the garage?
No new power accessories added at all. But charging on the post directly, allowed me to install a spare bluetooth battery I can keep an eye on it.
Definitely not normal. Did you check if the battery connections are tight? My 2019 has the original battery and it doesn't seem to matter how long it sits, it always starts right up.
Ya..I did while getting familiar with where its at/etc on Thursday afternoon. Good idea.
Keyfob is in the jacket pocket, but good to know!

But here is hard data.

Got the Covid (wife's an airline pilot so..its a thing here) sos I have not ridden in two days, certainly NOT a horrible amount of time to let a battery sit.

Depressing results...

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We are certainly going to BMW tomo..err, as soon as the new monsoon hitting Norcal fades out this week.
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I had the same problem. It turned out to be a fault with the emergency call system trying to activate constantly. Sorted by the dealer and no further problems
Well, I will be there in the AM, so I will ask.
Heres some interesting data, check -2- sleep periods that had hard draws, but the others did not..

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They did an update that in SOME cases leaves "something on" in the bike, sometimes. But they said I should not have triggered it because I wasnt doing any power port charging.
Do not use the kill switch to turn it off.
Dealer says it will kill the battery.
First time in counts...way lotta years Ive heard that one...
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Did this guy have any evidence or even logic to back that up? I doubt it, because it doesn't make any sense.

The only way I could see this making any difference at all is if you use the kill switch and then delay (by minutes) turning off the ignition, therefor running down the battery and then letting it sit in a partially discharged state.
Im my short ownership, I find the system turns off on it's own timer if not running.
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