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Brake failure at the side step

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Hi comrades!

Could you help me with a problem. I'm from Russia. I live in Moscow. I have the problem with brakes on my LT 02 lights are flashing at 4hz, in manual I' ve read that it is problem with abs unit. The first time it happend while I was riding. After that I went to the service where serviceman changed the pump of front brake, then he changed the sensor in abs unit. And now sometimes this failure appears when I switch on ignition while bike stand on side step if bike stand on central stand ore vertically it is no failure. Have you any ideas? We don't know what to think((((
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The rear reservoir on your 02 has two chambers. The front one is for the rear brake and the rear one is for the front brakes. To bleed the wheel circuit you can get a long piece of tubing and run it from the front caliper back to the rear chamber on the reservor. Open the caliper bleed port and turn on the key and apply the brakes. The fluid will circulate in the hose back to the reservoir and run that until all bubbles are gone. Just make sure the reservoir never drops below the bottom. Same for the rear brakes only the tube goes to the front half of the rear reservoir.

The control circuits are done with the key off. Rear control is fed from the front half of the rear reservoir and you draw off the fluid on the long bleed nipple (inboard) on the ABS unit. manually pump the pedal and draw from the tall bleeder, keep the reservoir full. The front is fed from the handle bar reservoir and drawn from the tall bleed port on the ABS unit (outboard).
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The six on the ABS are for just the control circuit so unless your lever is spongy they should be OK. I have the sequence at home and will post it tonite.
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