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Brake failure and EHCS problem on same day

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Brake failure and EHCS problem on same day - related?

06 LT with 37,000 miles. Took it out for a ride today, and after a stop then restart, the brake failure light kept flashing at 4Hz, and I had only residual braking function on the "slow" trip back home. Pulled into the garage and when I hit the EHCS button, the electric center stand also wouldn't work and I had a flashing "!" on the multi-function display while holding the button down.

To me, this is too coincidental not to be related. Have been searching this forum for the last 2 hours, and having heart failure about possible ABS pump failure.

My only other thought is the battery. Read that both ABS and EHCS need a strong battery, so I recharged it on the Battery Tender, took it out again, but exact same 2 problems.

Still sound like the battery? Any other ideas?

Just purchased the bike a month ago, so have no idea as to age of the battery.
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I would have the battery load tested. It sounds like that would cause both issues.
+1 on what iowat said. If you start out with a 4hz flash when you turn on the key and it never changes you could have a brake switch stuck. Push foward on the lever next time and see if it does not go to a 1 hz rate after a few seconds. Have some one look at the brake light as well see if it is on when you turn on the key.
Brake switch will kick off the cruise as well. They are rectangular micro switches mounted with two screws under the bottom cover of the controls on the grips and there is a little room for adjustment. If you are in a quite place and slowly pull the lever or push the pedal you will hear a distinct "click".
If you are hearing the click it is not that switch. Next check the foot brake switch. It is connected to a metal paddle that is under the stop bolt.


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OK if the brake light is on all the time and the switches are clicking then one of them is shorted. I have not seen a lot of relay failures in the stuck mode. I would fiddle with the switches with the key on and see if you can get the brake light to go out. Then try unpluging them. The foot one is behind the foot peg plate. Not sure just where the front one unplugs. But the manual shows it as the left most #2,(your left looking up in the nose) connector under the windscreen assy.


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Got it and called. Hope the disconnected brake switches solve the issue.
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