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I would like to bring to the attention of riders currently on the market for new brake lines for the 1200LT a company I used here in Canada just recently as an alternative to the well pushed Spiegler ones in the USA. This company could prove beneficial especially as the US dollar offers a good discount against the Canadian dollar. The link to the company will be at the end of this message, but I would like to say the fit and finish of these line where/are exceptional. All lines fit exactly as they should and look pretty nice. 👍 Supplied is a full set of crimp washers and new Hex head SS banjo bolts.

The contact name of the person I dealt with at the company is Justin Crowell. I get zero from these people for this endorsement it’s just me wanting to bring to the attention of all on the forum that there are alternatives to Spiegler with excellent quality. The company is huge and right across the world so it’s not a fly by night company. The one main difference is they offer a longer line from the front left caliper to the T-block junction point over on the right hand side which is the main feed line. This eliminates the need for the metal crossover line behind the front forks and so one less connection. The web site will offer you answers to any questions you may have. Feel free to mention my name (Richard Short) to Justin. I am aware there is a Canadian Spiegler site but that particular site Is a buy and sell from Spiegler and so tags on their markups.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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