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It has been brought to my attention, that I did not include Booze Brothers on the CCR schedule.

My bad.

The "most important unofficial part of CCR" will be alive and well in Duluth!

I've even asked our webmaster to update the schedule to include it on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Bill Pester has graciously - and probably foolishly - agreed to host the BB 'suite' Don't make him forfeit his damage deposit. That doesn't go to charity. :(

To comply with typical liquor laws, we have a room (227) reserved for pouring. Consumption can occur inside, or we'll also have a nice little patio area setup outside, just a couple stairs down and out a side door.

I had a blast participating last year, my first real year at Booze Brothers. I invite everyone to come on in/out/over, and hang out for a bit of post ridin'/eatin' relaxation.

Anyone like cigars?
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