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BMW Zumo shuts off when entering address

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Ok, so I know this was an issue with the "Garmin" Zumo but I'm having the same issue with the my "BMW" Zumo. When I enter the address, I get the section where I enter the street and it shuts off. In all of my research I can't for the life of me find a solution to the problem. I tried webupdater with no results. Also, every post I see on this issue seems to be four years old.

I have 2 maps on the unit. City Nav North America NT 2008 and Baja Southwest CA. Could the maps be creating a conflict? Should I try removing the baja map and if so, how do I do that. I've also tried without the SD card. There are no maps on the SD card.


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You can always contact Garmin customer support.
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