BMW RT factory accessory Tank Bag with mounting hardware- (has a removable mod to mount a Valentine One inside the bag) Retail??? Sell: $100 plus shipping.

Old and beat (used on 4 RTs!) Big Mak Explorer SS Tank Bag (not the big one, the middle size) with optional "rigid" alum mounting board, optional (and great) map pocket with hidden compartment. This is NLA. Looks hideous. Needs restoration but the fastest tank bag at the gas pump ever. It's brilliant! U-fix! Fits 1200RTW, '05 to '13 1200, 1150 and 1100. Cost $230 plus shipping (in 2002!) Sell: $30 plus shipping.

BMW factory accessory small top-case with backrest pad. New $603; Sell $280 plus shipping

RCU Access Shelf. Protects Nav VI from sun exposure, glare and curios onlookers. Could hold extra stuff, but I just used it for a sun shield. $89.95 new; Sell $44.00 plus shipping.

The next 3 items work especially well together, I think...

1. Aeroflow Tall windscreen; Retail 329.95 plus shipping; Sell in original shipping box for $160 plus shipping.

2. Sargent Standard Height Heated F&R seats with metallic silver welt. (looks and works terrific) Retail 939.95; Sell $450 plus shipping.

3. Illium bar-backs with printed mounting instructions. $112 new; Sell $55 plus shipping

PM me for package deals etc. Thanks!