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BMW lady's gear

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BMW lady's gear

Price cut in half. The wife quit riding she's a 6s She's 5-2 105 lbs 30 inseam, These two outfits are like new. One is a Belise $350.00. comes with liners and a fleese inner jacket. No pads except for shoulder pads. The second is a Street more like a summer outfit. $200.00. She's also got a new pair or BMW boots never worn. Size 6. Thanks Dave in Reno Plus shipping

Asking Price: $200.00
Condition: Excellent Clothing Outerwear Jacket Sleeve Coat
Clothing Black Jeans Pocket Trousers
Clothing Bermuda shorts Jeans Trousers Shorts
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I have $575,000 but interested in the items 😀. Since you only had two prices and three items, I wasn't sure on what you wanted for what.
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