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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share an upgrade that I had carried out on my 2014 K1600 GTL Exclusive (Pearl 59), that has enabled my wife to continue enjoying motorcycling without the limited space for her feet in boots when on the road. I did look at many alternatives, however these all involved to many compromises either in operation or YUK appearance.

I was very impressed with the images of the New passenger Foot boards, as advertised for the New model 2018/19 GT/GTL/Baggers, however due to the orientation of the Passenger pegs on the old side plates, it was not possible to just swap them over. I followed my instincts about manufactures wishing to maximise profits without major redesigns and after some basic measuring, I was convinced they could be fitted with the appropriate side plates.

Wishing to keep as much value as possible, so I had my dealer order the necessary parts. I also noticed (which the dealer did not, that the Gear change lever was also different), so I had these parts ordered also. As you will see from the photographs below, apart from the difference in the colour of the side plate, everything looks and acts as stock and my wife has enjoyed several thousand miles in greater comfort.

Obviously having the BMW dealer fit these cost several hundred pounds, however you can change your own and be secure in the knowledge that Everything works as intended. Photographs attached.

I hope this proves useful.

Kind regards



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