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All I want to do is make and receive phone calls while touring around on my 2009 1200LT.

I am set up with BMW NAVI III, Motorola android, bluetooth phone and I am synced to Navi.... and Helmet is plugged in....

Navi display keeps asking me to plug in bluetooth headset? what do I need to do now please advise.
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I'm guessing you have a wired in head set and not a blue tooth headset? If so the Nav III does not plug into the bike speaker system thus the wired head set. One of two options: buy the cord to plug phone into voice II system in the little glove box, or get a blue tooth headset and link to phone. I have an iPhone with a scala headset and have it linked to both the Nav III and my head set. When I get a call it still says I need to connect a head set but I can just hit the answer button on my headset and then it will link. Hope this helps
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