Attention shoppers:

This is going to be long, but there's a on.

Selling AS IS:

ILLIUM F & R CRASH BARS. Front is silver as ordered from Illium - Roughly matches the engine. Rear is flat-black; matches pannier cases.

Rear bars remove easily when not using the side cases. Note the black plastic over-caps to cover the exposed steel studs that the bars mount to with 4 included SS allen screws. It takes about 3 minutes to remove or replace these rear bars. The backing plates stay on the bike.

I've taped the screws to their locations so the buyer can easily put the correct screws in the correct locations and stuck the over-caps on so you can see where everything goes.

I'm including some ILLUSTRATED MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS with the deal. Woohoo!

PLEASE CHECK ILLIUM SITE to make sure these fit your bike.

I'm an experienced rider. This '17 was my 4th and best RT. First time out with the rear bars was last May 2021. I went on a weekend mini-camping rally in WI. Bike was loaded up. The only space available at a BP gas stop was a slanted one. The loaded bike fell over at zero mph when I was getting off it on the low side after filling up to pay...other side of the bike was too close to the room. (I wanted to stay on the bike, but no cc readers on their pumps. I won't be going back there.) Two strapping Wisconsin gentlemen came by within 60 seconds and helped me lift the bike back up fully packed. No bike damage. Nice!!!

However, the left side of both of these bars got scratched. Photos below. I left the scratches as they are minor and one must lay on the ground to see them when bars are installed. These bars WORK. I've proven it.

I ordered the rear bars in black. When I first installed them, the backing plate was all black. It looked weird sandwiched between two aluminum plates on the bike, so I took them off and got a can of near-silver paint off the shelf in the garage and sprayed the top edges of the plates. When assembled, this looks pretty right. When disassembled, the plate isn't pretty. Most of the backing plate is hidden and dirty when the bike in actual use, so I didn't see a good reason to professionally paint them, especially since the paint on my shelf was not a perfect match....Actually, the two BMW plates on the RT don't even perfectly match each other either, so there's that.

The painted top edge of the plate looks much better assembled than it did in black which was my goal. As I was going to a rally soon, I didn't want to make a 3-day project out of this. The end result is, with side cases attached and lower bars on, it all looks right. With bags removed and lower bars removed and plastic over-caps attached, the backing plate is black down low and silver where it shows at the top next to silver bits on the bike. This is the right look if you're asking me. That's why I bothered to create it.

I'm writing all this because the last guy didn't bother to assemble anything, just looked at these "ugly" plates and called me to return everything....He also had an aftermarket exhaust that won't fit these bars. Plus, he decided after receiving them that "they might add too much weight to his bike"...Seriously?

I took them back. So...For Sale again.

Please note: I will not accept returns on these again. I have a life!

They are perfectly good and useable. They looked fine on my RT just as they will come to you...Have a little faith or repaint them as you like...want purple bars? Go for it!

I wish I had a photo, but the bike has was sold 3 weeks ago. If you want to sand and repaint the minor scratches on the bars, that's for you to decide and do. If you want to color-match perfectly the rear backing plate and/or mask it in a professional way or paint it all black again, that's for you to decide and do also.



Here are the rears mounting plates:
Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Here are the rear bars. Left side (lower) shows the scratch....
Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting the fronts:

Hood Bicycle Carbon Automotive tire Bicycle part

...and here's the flaw on the right bar.
Hand Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gesture

Shipped at your cost to Con US only. Price is firm.

Happy to work with ethical people who appreciate a bargain.

Wishing you happy trails and a great riding season. :)(y)