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"We do not stock this BMW special tool, it can be ordered as a 'special
order, pre-paid' item only
HOWEVER.... This special tool is "astronomically expensive!" I will have to
check the current pricing, the last one we ordered was $400 or $500 (I
And can take 6-8 weeks from order date.
Changing the 'wheel circuits' brake fluids on the I-ABS bikes is very
specific and needs to be done 'by the book'
A "Bleed Test" should be carried out on the BMW Diagnostic machine after the
fluids have been changed, to ensure the internal system pressures are within
I would suggest if you have a BMW dealer near you, it would be prudent to
take it to them for brake fluid changes"
Hi all
This is my first post. Above is the email I just received about bleeding the ABS unit on my 2002 rt. I have read the excellent article in this forum on this task and I think I am up for the challenge. If I follow the instruction to the letter will I be OK


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As long as you don't run any of the resevoirs out of fluid, You'll be fine..

Good Luck


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