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Bike swap UK/ Europe USA

First post for a while guys. Last one was after I test rode the GTL - bought myself my third LT instead as I just cant see the GT/L is better..

Anyhow - Am planning a 10 day cross country trip from/to either Miami or San Fran mid June. I was looking at shipping my LT but the logistics are pretty complex for such a short trip.

So here's an idea.. any owners of 2006 onwards LTs in CA or FL in good condition fancy a swap? You lend me yours and in return you can have my 2008 LT (black 27k miles, insured for any driver for all Europe) for your trip to the UK/Europe anytime.

My plan would be to leisurely stroll from either FL or Ca to the other side and ship the bike back to the origin (at my cost of course)

A longshot but we will see..

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