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Big Difference after Tuning

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The bike (02 R1150RT) is running with neither the high-frequency buzz nor the stumbling and shutting down at idle that it had when I got it. The surging at part throttle is also gone. It has a much nicer sound, now, and smoother, better midrange power. It's not as strong as an R1200 by any means, but it now feels and performs the way I expected it to feel and perform when I bought it with 22,000 miles a couple of months ago. Here's what I did:

1. Replaced my broken quick-disconnect fuel lines with the newer ones from BMW. Thank you, Beech, for sending me the better O-rings, but since the stock disconnects were busted, I saved them for future use.

2. Installed Power Comamnder PCIII USB.

3. Adjusted the valves - they were super, super tight.

4. Synced the throttle bodies - they were in pretty good shape; I only had to make a minor adjustment at full sensitivity.

5. Replaced the spark plus, which were Autolite something or other, with the plugs recommended by BMW.

6. Took the fairings off. Put them back on. Took them back off. Put them back on. Took them back. Put them back on.

Hopz was a big help, as were the instructions on the site. The valve job is much easier to do than to explain. Ditto for the throttle body syncing.

I'll change the oil this week, then get some Seafoam and see if my injectors benefit.

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Wow, I'm impressed! Was this your first time, and are you experienced with this stuff or did you just give it a go?
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