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Bicycle rack on my '99 K1200LT

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Hi, y'all!

I'd been browsing the forums with interest and sometimes considerable amusement looking for a way to cart my bicycle around on the LT. I finally came across 2x2 Cycle's excellent bike rack which fits about a million different bikes right off the shelf... but not any that have a trunk! As luck would have it 2x2 Cycles is located only about a 1/2 hour ride from me. I was able to meet with the owner, Garrett, who took considerable time to come up with a safe and structurally sound solution for my LT which would not require leaving the trunk at home. I've taken the rig for a few rides already and it works beautifully.

I've posted pictures here:

Garrett took some daylight pictures today too. I'll add those once he gets a chance to send them to me.

Happy riding!
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Quite cool - and doubles as a wheelie bar! That's an awesome setup - thanks for sharing.
This worked for me...see attached:

I just leave them on the trailer when not in use.



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Rowie - it's about as much of a wheelie bar as the LT will ever be likely to need... especially with my butt holding it down.

Ron - if my wife or daughter ever show any kind of interest in cycling, I may have to consider your solution. I love seeing all the different ways folks outfit and use their LTs. Very cool!
this is another reason the LT does in fact stand for "Light Truck"
pauleknight said:
this is another reason the LT does in fact stand for "Light Truck"
It wouldn't surprise me to see one with an actual truck bed attached... albeit perhaps a small one. :D
When do you come up with the LT-rack for your bicycle? :histerica :histerica :histerica
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