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As Anyone Had Any Problems With The Bavarian Computer On The K1200lt.

Got My 2000 Modle Out After It's Long Winter Hibernation Only To Find That I Have No Bc Readout On It Also No Clock And Gear Display Any Ideas

Regards Ray

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Were you able to start the bike? Sounds like a dead battery after the hibernation?

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Have you checked your fuses. Your instrument cluster is served by one 4A fuse.

Replacing fuses
Motorcycle fuses
– Lift the seat at the front.
• Open the cover of the fuse box.
• Replace the defective fuse.
1 Brake-light switch, fuel warning light, fan relay,
instrument cluster, switch for adjustable
windscreen 4 A
2 Parking lights, front and rear 4 A
3 Horn, brake light, anti-theft alarm, if fitted 15 A
4 Motronic, fuel pump, diagnosis 15 A
5 Instrument cluster, on-board computer 4 A
6 Heated handlebar grips 4 A
7 Adjustable windscreen, power sockets 1
and 2 15 A
8 Radio, map-reading light, interior light for top
case, power socket for top case 15 A
9 Fan, right4 A
10 Fan, left 4 A
11 Seat heating front/rear 15 A
12 Cruise control system 15 A

You can hope it is that easy.


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Hi Guys Thanks For Your Responce

The Bike Starts And Runs Great Theres Just No Display On The Bc Or The Time And Gear Display. Took It Out For A Run Hoping It Would Just Come Back On But Nothing !
Instrument cluster and OBC are fed power thru 2 fuses slots - slot #1 and slot #5. Verify that both fuses are good. Rather than pull and look, I'd pull and replace with new 4A fuses. HTH.
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