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Battery Drain

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Hi all,
I have read a number of threads relating to battery drain which I have experienced on my 2002 LT.
Today I gave it some real thought and removed the Fuse protecting the Instrument panel and Computer , He Presto no power drain and much easier than disconnecting the battery.
As I only get to ride occasionally this will be an easy way of minimising loss of power from the battery.
Nothing more annoying than getting the opportunity for a ride and finding the battery has not enough power to start the bike.
The fuse on a 2002 and earlier LT to remove is the top fuse (4amps) middle box.
We are enjoying some wonderful weather at the moment in the SE of the UK.
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katnapinn said:
The best way to do this is to keep the battery on a battery tender when you are not riding the bike. Most batteries here in Texas only last 2 or 3 years do to the heat. I got over 5 years from my Last battery in the LT.
+1 on the battery tender, although you have eliminated one source of drain disconnecting that is not the full answer. All batteries have parasitic drain that will, over time, kill the battery.
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