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I just completed my first one yesterday. I replaced mine with an Odyssey which was a bit more involved than a straight replacement of the standard battery. A few things to keep an eye open for:
1. Make sure you unlock/disarm the alarm before you disconnect remove the battery. I didn't and let's just say it was awful loud in my garage while I ran for the keys....!!
2. Disconnect the negative terminal first, and make sure it does not droop back onto the terminal while you're disconnecting the positive. This is to make sure you don't accidentally touch a wrench onto the frame and generate a nice spark.....
3. It's apparently not uncommon to miss re-connecting one of the 2 wires that are on the positive terminal when you connect the wires onto the new battery. Make sure you reconnect all wires, not just the main one. And make sure you reconnect positive first, and only then do the negative once the positive is done (again, avoid a big spark from accidental wrench contact to frame).
2. Once the new battery is in and reconnected, it's likely your key fob won't work straight away. It took me about 10 re-tries before it started working again - and searching this forum that is apparently normal
3. Unless you're really quick, you need to do a throttle reset once you're all done. From memory you need to turn on the ignition (but don't start the bike), fully open and then close the throttle three times, then turn off the bike.

From there you're done. Pretty simple, unless the battery has a different shape, has different terminals etc in which case there's a bit of messing around but it will all work out in the end.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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