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A older gentelman was taking his time. Just getting the things he needed at his local Wal- Mart.. upon passing a woman going the opposite way in the same aisle. The woman speaks to the older Gentleman and says. "Excuse me Sir. But your barn door is wide open" The older gentleman just smiles, and heads on down the aisle. Where he meets a man as he's turning into another aisle. The man Speaks to the older Gentleman and tells him his fly is open. He just ignores the comment.

Then the older Gentelman gets to thinking... He thinks of having a bit of fun with the woman he had run into earlier. So, the Gentleman rushes to the front of the store to see if he can catch this woman at the check out lanes.

He finds the woman busy unloading her cart.. Now, He speaks to this woman and ask's her a question.

He asks, The woman (Smarter than he) Replies "No Sir ! i did not. All i saw was a
disabled veteran, sitting on two dufflel bags"..
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