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Welcome on board Tony.

No it is not normal to have more vibration after the 600 miles service than before it, but I do hear this from time to time. By all means talk with your dealer. You will probably have to return it for a check-over if it is severe.

There is more to the 600 mile service than an oil change, including a computer diagnosis and review looking for abnormalities.

Having said that- the real first service will happen at the 6k miles mark and with any luck at that point you will be able to do it yourself- if you are at least a little bit mechanical and have basic tools. Many of us find this self-service to be an important part of the fun of ownership.

As for the vibration... a great deal of it depends on your previous bike experience and expectations. Yes, the boxer engine will have a different feel than other engine types. There is a pretty high probability that what you are sensing is normal.

The good news is that as your bike breaks-in it will get better and if you do your own service you will have a good bit of control over it. For many R1200RTs break in happens at or near the 18,000 mile mark.

Now having said all that... tell me about the vibration. When do you feel it most, under what conditions? Cool motor or warm? Steady speed or under acceleration? What gear?
Feel it in your seat, or handlebars? Any perceptible sounds you associate with the vibes?
Can it be felt to a greater extent on acceleration of on trailing throttle (backing -off)?

The more you can tell us the more clearly you will be able to communicate with your service adviser....

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Let me comment...

If the vibes got noticeably worse, then contact the Service Adviser. Does not sound right... but before paranoia sets in... our bikes will have some vibes, certainly more than an ST1300... or at least "different" vibes.

Vibes at idle are much more likely to be "normal". Most of us who notice vibes are talking about then at th 4k to 6k range where many of us ride, and where the motor is happiest.

The dealer replacement list is normal- exactly what you get with an oil change and a final drive service.. By the way- the "gaskets" are actually what most of the time are called washers. Here they are kind of soft metal made to crush a little and make an efficient seal.
A.K.A. Crush Gaskets.

Synchronization means something important for us. You have 2 cylinders. One on the left and one on the right. Each one has its own throttle-body... this is the part that opens and closes to let air and fuel mixture into the cylinders. Since we have two, one on each side... they must be synchronized to let in the same amount of stuff... otherwise one gets more/or less and thus a vibration can result since one side is not the same as the other side. On a 4-cylinder engine like the ST1300, there is a common intake so it is all taken care of automatically.

But... and here might be the rub... the 600 mike "service" is fundamentally to get the oil out of there that was used in the first 600 miles... the other tests and checks are usually done on the BMW computer system. This thing is usually quite accurate and yields a lot of useful information. One thing it checks it to see if there is synchronicity between the left and the right... as described above. The "problem" is that the technician is given a fairly short amount of time for this tremendously "routine" job and sometimes, just sometimes, things can get rushed.

Oil consumption... this is another of the BMW-type things you will get used to. There is a considerable variability in how one bike versus another consumes oil- DURING the BREAK-IN PERIOD. Some units will never use a drop and other will use up to a quart in 1,000 miles... all until they are broken-in. Mine used oil until 18k miles, then like a light bulb came on- it stopped. IT IS NORMAL.

What is important is to learn how to check your oil. There are even long threads and arguments on this. My advice is to read the manual and do it that way. Checking is done by looking at the sight glass. If you see oil it is good. If you have just put in new oil- it may be hard to see because it is so clear. Do not over fill, but if you do- no real big thing.

Smell and stalling etc... especially in low speeds... First- this is obviously your first BMW. This motor likes to be revved. Do not lug around in low gear. It is not a tourque monster- it wants and needs to be run...

Just use a premium grade fuel... this is not a problem unless you are in Mexico or Uganda...

The getting to first gear and the "starving" comment... Keep your revs up!... Downshift through the gears... its ok.

You and the others will feel more vibes- since you are now focussing on it...

Final word of advice... Ride it. Ride it hard. Go fast... or leave it in a lower gear. 5 or 6k is not a bad shift point. Do Not 'Baby this engine... the more you run it the better it will be.

Now. lest you think I am a boy-racer... just let me say I am a 68 year old somewhat seasoned rider... (ha...) just run it good and see how it feels in a 1000 miles...

edit to add... you might also consider looking into another well-known BMW Forum--- the BMW Sport Touring Forum. That outfit has about 50 times the members as here- but they also have a lot of very mechanically adept guys too. We oftem have gatherings called Tech Days, where experienced guys will coach you and others in the bacic maintenance operations. This will add quite a lot to your ownership experience. We will not do the work for you, but coach you as you do it yourself.

I have done tech days here at my garage and it was some of the most fun I've had with the bikes. Every Tech-Daze will have a Guru... to make sure you learn what's going on. At my last one we also had an advance first-responders first aid class.

You all carry a competent/professional first-aid kit right...?
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