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Here are picts of my recent install of the Fuzeblock (
- in my opinion a well engineered fuse block with the motorcyclist in mind.

On my former LT I had a Centech AP-1 (
but I switched because of the quality and details of the Fuzeblock. There are some pros and cons:

Pros for Centech AP-1:
1. Unit allows you pull out the fuses without taking off the cover
(This is convenient especially late at night on the side of the road troubleshooting)
2. Lower cost

Cons for Centech AP-1:
1. It is possible to drop fuses into the unit - ask me how I know
2. Possible to short out fuses
3. Unit is very open and I believe built more for an auto enthusiast
4. All connected devices require an external relay for proper wiring

Pros for Fuzeblock:
1. Unit has a cover with documentation - better protection for the fuses
2. Unit has an on board relay
3. Easier to wire up devices as in most cases for an LT you so not need auxiliary relays
4. Unit allows for switched and unswitched connections - same as Centech AP-2
5. The Fuzeblock site - totally dedicated to the motorcyclist with excellent documentation

Cons for Fuzeblock:
1. Need to remove cover to troubleshoot - replace fuses
2. Initial Price
3. Maybe use of micro fuses - not as available

To mount on the top of the battery cover I used heavy duty velcro and I made all the
wires long enough that I could pull the Fuzeblock off and get it out of the way for
battery maintenance and replacement. No problems with an Odyssey PC 680 battery
( and the seat clearance is not an issue.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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