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I was reading thru the only document I could find on the CR/Radio for the 2009 LT and this looks close to what we have for the 2009.

on page 37 there is a reference to adjusting the Adjusting input-signal level. I have copied the text below but cannot seem to get the same response from my LT.

Anyone have any ideas?

Options for adjusting the input signal
You can set the audio device's input signal level to any of six settings.

Adjusting input-signal level
Adjust input-signal level 3 by means of buttons 2 and 4.

Adjust the volume as described in Chapter 2 ( 13).

The volume range at your disposal for adjustment depends on:
the output power of the audio device the input-signal level you select the volume to which the audio device is set You should set the input-signal level and adjust the volume of the audio device in such a way that the volume range available for adjustment corresponds to that of the other operating modes.

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I never tried to use 2 & 4 when in AUX does it actually do anything? I did install a Canakit amp ahead of the AUX input but never liked the sound quality.
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