...free shipping...its like new. I had it for about two weeks
I just got this helmet on the persuasion of a friend. I was really looking for a modular and decided to go back to my old NeoTecII.

I took the Aria emblems cause I often leave the helmet on my handlebars and I dont want anyone to know I have an Arai.
Also, I am not your super-clean-the-helmet person so there are some smudges (probably of dirty hand while I worked on the bike) I can clean it and send pic to the serious inquiree. I did put those reflective stickers on. The one in the back is reflective also.
I can give you the original shield and the one its one now--which are sold separately.
Serious inquiry only to: [email protected]
or call 808 277 8844 for more info if you like