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Anyone using frame protectors ?

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I noticed Weiser makes a frame protector to stick on by the foot-pegs.

On my bike that area is getting scuffed up from boots.

Just curious if anyone has has experience as far as durability?



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I have the same problem, but only on the right side, for some reason. I used the film sold by Wunderlich. They sell two packages: one is a set of pre-cut pieces for the panniers and the other is just a rectangle of the film which you can cut to your liking. It's easy to apply inexpensive and almost invisible.
Thanks for the reply.
Will consider the Wunderlich film as well.
You should be able to buy film sheets at any motorcycle parts store specializing on dirt bike supplies. Much less expensive than Wunderlich. Nice thick material, 8 or 12 mm, that wears well and doesn't leave residue when removed or replaced.
I just use clear stick on tape - change it every few months and it does the job. Couple of layers stop any scratiching and some WD40 removes the stickie-mess afterwards.
Thanks everyone for the posts.

I guess no one has tried the frame protectors that I originally posted about?

They are those dome type heavy weight decals.
Maybe I will try them out and give a review.
Been running them for over 25,000 miles. They look a lot better than the scuffs from my boots and I believe they cos tme $35 or so.

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So, you are using the clear frame protectors.
Did you get pre-cut ones or cut some out yourself?
What brand or source?

Look again. Those are the same ones you asked about from Weiser.
Ohhhhh, sorry, I didn't see them. ;)

Ok, perfect, you are the person to ask.
So, the protectors work well and don't show scuffs on the glossy black surface?
My bike doesn't spend a lot of time in the wash bay. Even so, the protectors look very near a clean and glossy as they were when new. Maybe a slight dulling at the main contact points but generally, they just wipe down and look fine.

Almost anything beats the scared up paint under them.
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