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deputy5211 said:
The only thing I wish was different about it was the cover... I would rather have had a leather and/or vinyl cover so not as sensitive to water
I'm thinkin' you were riding on one of our first generation seats - which were discontinued in 2008. They had perforated Ultrasuede Alcantara suede covers. It was a bulletproof fabric with one glaring fault - when wetted they would stay wet - for a looonnnng time.

We finally bit the bullet and had a top shelf US textile mill engineer our latest iteration: Polar Mesh. It took two years and 6 mill runs to come up with exactly what we were looking for: incredibly tough, UV proof, grippy, allows copious amounts of air flow AND does not wet! Water drains through it, onto the one piece water proofing/heat rejecting barrier below it and off the sides of the seat. Even when it rains you will never be sitting in a puddle of water. You're suspended 5mm above it. Mo Bettah! ;)

I can't think of a single customer that once having tried Polar Mesh ever wanted to go back to leather or vinyl. :yeah:

We've even gone one step further: On seats that have built in depressions - like this K1600 GTL pillion - where water could puddle we build in drains and drain holes. No swimming pools allowed like with regular baggy rain covers. Since the barrier is glued in place there are no needle holes to allow water to soak through to the foam - which is the worst case scenario since it will start to mildew. Not to mention sitting on a wet sponge for weeks or months is rather - um... squishy. :D

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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