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Anyone here live in the Phoenix area?

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Job may be leading me to the Phoenix area. I am looking for wisdom from anyone already living there. The job will be in Phoenix, but looking at houses in Goodyear and Avondale. Anyone have any advice, warnings, or pointers?
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I live in Phoenix. Lot easier for me to talk on the phone than type. Big fingers little keys...

I will pm you my numbers. I am on the road right now so try the cell first. I will be back in town by the 15th of July but you can get me on the cell late in the day now.
Not sure if the pm went through.

My cell number is 602-nine five two nine nine six 4.
Rush hours here are not good and only one freeway heading in and out of town that direction. Expect to wait in traffic if moving out west and working normal hours. If you want to ride year round you can but the summers are rough here, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I think it is only supposed to be 113 here today so not too bad. :histerica :histerica Hit me up if you have any other questions.
It's hot, but "it's a dry heat". Like an oven. I've heard real estate prices are heading up, from a dismal drop, fueled by investors bidding up prices. A motorcycle-riding friend of mine is a real estate broker if you're looking for a pro's advice. Call Vince Vaccaro 602 dot 863 dot 4132
We moved here from MI back in 2005. I'm in the very NW corner of Phoenix.

the elevation here is 1500 ft and it is enough to get you down to 113 when Phoenix is 117 :histerica

I hate two things about Phoenix. The city speed limits, which NO ONE does, are rediculously low (40 MPH everywhere). I never know if I should just go with the 70 MPH traffic flow or do the 40-45 MPH speed limit.

2nd is, when you buy a house, you could end up in a sub that has one gate and 10 zillion houses and one road going in. That is what is at the north end of 67th Ave and the traffic comes south so fast around the turn its hard to turn right out of the sub!

we bought in a very small sub, no gates, does have an HOA and I can access the main road real quick.

I like the landscape much better a bit north here than in the goodyear area, etc but goodyear is nearly 30 miles from my house (my wife works in goodyear).

sure don't have to worry about the weather much here though. Stayin alive in it at times, ya, but not the weather :cool:
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When I first moved to AZ, Tucson, I had a lot of problems with a very strange and DANGEROUS thing they do with major commuting roads, the lane between opposite directions of travel is sometimes used for turning, sometimes it is closed for turning because it is used for traffic headed into town, and sometomes it is closed because traffic heading out of town is using it.

I discovered it is affectionatly called a suicide lane. There was one running past The U of A's northern property, a major access point to the U.

Just imagine how many accidents occured on that one at the begining of each semester when people who had never heard of such a thing would get in the suicide lane!!

Here in Tucson, it is cheaper to build a road across the dry river beds than it is to buils a bridge over the river bed. As a result, when it rains the road is flooded; after it stops raining the road may still be flodded and closed; there may be no water over the road and it's still closed. Plus, theer might not be any rain in sight but the road is flooded.

The net result is that normal traffic flows become major stop and go traffic.

If you are riding on a road with a sign that says the road may be flooded ahead, that means there is gravel and sand on the road.

In parts of Phoenix homes were built on land that has rights to water to flood the property.
So, you rarely have to water your lawn.

Here in tucson, some homes have septic tanks. In some places you actually have water rights to your land and homes have their own well.

Here in Tucson, there are roads that neither the counrty or city maitain. It seems as if developers were not required to build a road when they subdivided lots. The land was set aside for the road, but no road was built.

I live in between Tucson and Marana AZ in Pima county. Since I'm not in a city, when I buy from stores not on a city, I do not pay city sales tax. But, if I buy anything in a city, or hire a service froma city, I have to pay city sales tax if the service is performed at my house, even if what I bought is shipped to my house.

The medical system here is OVERLOADED! Doctors offices over book. Places that do medical tests over book. If you go to your doctor's office to go over test results, the place that did the tests did not send the test results to your doctor's office.

It is almost impossible to find an independently owned pharmacy. All of the other pharmacies will not call you if they have a problem filling one of your prescriptions.

If you have to go to an ER, count on spending hours there unless you have heart attack symptoms.

If you are on pain medication, you must bring it with you while you are at the ER, in the ER, or admitted to the hospital. You cannot count on the nurses bringing you pain medications when it is time for you to take them.

It took me about two years to get used to living here (I'm from New England). Fortunately, I love sinshine, blue skies, and having green plants all year round.

Oh. We have cameras at major intersections. Speed through the intersection, pix and a ticket. Try and beat the yellow light and not make it, pix and a ticket.

If you look at buying a house in an area with open land, zoning is only temporary here. If the land is single family ranch, minumum of 1 acre or so, a developer can get it rezoned for 3-4 houses per acre.

Best from tucson
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