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Anybody in Albequerque area???

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I've been shopping for a bike now for about a month or so. Figuring out what's out there, prices, features etc. Can't seem to align the right bike, price, and timing and am getting a little frustrated/antsy.

Anywho, is there anyone in Alberquerque that would be interested in taking a look at this bike and maybe give it a test drive? I like the color, floorboards, and armrests and price, but I'm in Houston and would have to work hard to get to NM within the next month (studying for the bar until then). After July my schedule frees up some, but if someone can tell me this is a decent bike then I'd try to make the time to get out there and grab it.


Chris W.
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ABQ to Houston.. That's a one day fly and ride...

Hope the bike pans out for you...

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