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Hi All,
A few weeks ago I posted a question about what might cause my rear lights & dash lights to stay on, even with the key off. Well, I tore the entire bike apart a couple of weeks ago trying to find the problem. I started at the ignition switch and worked backward. It turned out to be a short between the power lead to the alarm and the taillight wires, which were in the main loom right behind the upper mount of the rear shock. So I fixed that.

However, and here's the weird part, now, only sometimes, when I turn the key on and press the starter button I don't get any response. If I turn the key off and then on again, or simply hit the kill switch and then turn it back on, the bike fires right up. I'm guessing having the power disconnected to the alarm unit several times while I sourced the problem may have changed the programming of the alarm. I don't have the book on the alarm, so I have nothing to research.

Any thoughts?


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