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CCR on the Pacific Coast Highway seemed like a great chance for folks to check off some significant riding locations. Unfortunately, there were too few registrations for us to meet our goals and contractual obligations. But. . .there is another opportunity to attend an event right in that neighborhood. The RA has contacted us with this reminder and information link:

Save $$$ - preregister by August 7th.

Dear BMW Rider,

Instead of our usual rally this year we are joining in the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the BMW Company. There are multiple events and venues starting with the Legends of the Autobahn on August 19th and carrying through with the BMW RA's hosting of activities from August 25th and ending August 28th at Laguna Seca:

BMW Car and Bike Demo Fleet
N8 Kern and his HP Display
Peter Nettesheim's world class collection of Historic BMW bikes and vehicles
Q&A sessions with experts from BMW Headquarters in Munich
Fred Jakobs, BMW AG Chief Archivist
Thomas Tischler, Head of Service, BMW Group Classic
Georg Blumoser, Head of Parts Sales, BMW Group Classic
Custom & Racing Bikes
GS Giants on the Land Rover Off Road Track
and much more

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