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Well I went and did it. Picked up a 2001 K1200LT with 14,000 miles last weekend near Tampa. Got the tag and title changed for another $450.00 and I am on the road. What a pleasure to ride. I am selling my 94 Pacific Coast which i owned for about 6 months because I found a jewel of a motorcycle. I felt that it was a great deal and i know by watching this forum some of you would not agree. I got the bike for $11,000.00 but that included a voyager tow pack for those times you screw your knee up or the great road of sugarsand I have to go thru to get to my house. The only bad thing about living in the country,dirt roads. So thats $6905 for the bike and $4095 for the already installed kit. And as some know the kit comes of in about 10 min.I am a happy camper!!!!
If any Fla. riders know of any group rides any where near Ocala Fl please let me know.
Glad to be here!
Dunnellon Fl
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