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Today I completed my center stand retro-fit. I don't know what model year the stand was off of, but I put it on my 2003.

I'm not doing a photo-essay, because several of you guys already did that. But there were a few gotchas that I want to pass along.
  1. First off, mine came with a built-in relay. After all the relay talk, I had already purchased one, and a 30 amp in-line fuse. But after careful examination, I realized that the wiring harness that came with the new stand had a relay built-in. I did use the 30 amp fuse, though.
  2. I thought I was missing two bolts--the center stand came with the skid plate not attached to the back section. I ran down to my BMW dealer, and of course, they didn't have the required 10x45 bolts. So, next stop was Ace Hardware where they actually had 10x50 bolts. I bought two, headed home, now confident I had everything I needed. When I started taking the old center stand off, I realized that the bolts holding the skid plate to the back section would work for the hydraulic stand, though they were a little longer than needed. I wound up using the new bolts anyway.
  3. The two front bolts that hold the skid plate up attach at the sides of the engine. The mount on the hydraulic stand uses rubber inserts with a metal piece that goes through the rubber. The bolts on my old mount were too large for this setup. I had to remove the metal through-piece and just tightened the rubber mount with the old bolt. I looked at my buddies 2005 and it seems like he has an extra threaded hole there for the smaller bolt.
  4. The front bolt that goes on the left side, near the exhaust pipes was a bitch to get in. That was the hardest part of the entire job.
So, that's it. I put a push button switch near the lift handle, and it works like a charm. What a great investment. Though it was a bigger job than I expected after reading the posts, it's not that bad. It took me just over 3 hours, not counting putting back the lower faring and tip-over wing parts, which I haven't done yet.

FYI: To keep my bike vertical, I bolted steel plates to studs at the sides of my garage (single-car garage) and used ties from the bike to the plates. This worked out fine. I'll be happy to answer any questions.
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