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... and it's raining for the next 3 days... aaargh!

Ah well. So far on my first K1200LT - 4 weeks old to me now - I've:
  • Changed engine oil and oil filter
  • Changed transmission oil
  • Changed rear drive oil
  • Installed top or rear case LED brake light flasher
  • Installed Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz run and brake light - in "shadow zone" at top of rear mudguard where the license plate lamp doesn't shine

Now on to the rest of the rather long list:
  • Figure out why I can't see the oil level in the sight glass. Yes there are 3.6 fresh quarts in there, which includes the oil I filled the new oil filter with before installing it - just can't see it... I guess, with help, I'll be needing to tilt the motorcycle to see
  • Valve adjustment
  • New thermostat
  • Coolant change
  • Figure out and solve any tupperware issues - the one I know of is the screw on top left of the tank that screws the left front speaker piece to the stingray doesn't screw into anything - not sure why
  • Install my Starcom1 Advance in such a way that it integrates into the BMW audio system (will be able to hear music/GPS/2-way/Radar/Aux In from BMW system in the Starcom, or will be able to hear music/GPS/2-way/Radar/Aux In on BMW speakers, with switch to choose inside the front storage compartment). I have a design made up and have begun ordering parts to make up the loom.... this should be interesting....

Then the remaining list, maybe over winter:
  • Weep hole drilling (and seal replacements while in there)
  • Tip over bumper LED run and turn signals (will use Custom Dynamics TruFlex LEDs)
  • Custom LEDs on side bags including run and turn signals (again, TruFlex LEDs)

:crazy: Phew - seems like a long list still, but the journey is half the fun!
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