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alternative to XM/satellite radio

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Happy Hump Day Everyone!

I came across an idea that's probably not new, but I wanted to share it to learn if anyone has already tried this, along w/ their experience w/ it. For others, perhaps it is somewhat new, but you haven't quite figured it all out. I love the idea of XM radio, and I went so far as to buy a GPS w/ XM capabilities, then I realized I absolutely hate XM radio's customer service w/ a passion! :cussing:

Here's the new part, mainly a new website (at least for me): I discovered a website called :yeah: It allows one to listen to music online and create personalized/customized radio stations that are commercial free, and so far the service is completely free. These custom stations can be created by inputing particular songs, artists, and therefore genres. It also has various traditional radio stations from at least around the U.S. One can listen to a chosen song, create a station based on that song's genre, and then listen to additional related tunes picked by the server. For each song, one can "like" or "dislike" (nothing to do w/ facebook). The server uses this information to help decide other tunes one might like. If a song is labeled as "dislike", then the server remembers that and doesn't play it again.

Here's the not so new part:
Use a smartphone/iphone to access this website while riding and interface it w/ one's favorite intercom, whether it be wired or bluetooth, preferably one w/ stereo capability.
Obviously, the cost arises from the data transferred/downloaded via the cell phone to stream music, but it should be comparably priced, especially for those of you whose calling plan includes unlimited data. :cool:

It has to be better than dealing w/ those freakin' clowns at XM/Sirius radio! :rolleyes:

That's it. If anyone's tried it, I'd love to hear about your experience, as well as other possibilities. BTW, I've already thought of the lack of use in areas without cellular service, so we can skip that. :bmw:
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Yeah, Iheart radio is nice but like you said your only going to be able to listen to it if you have a signal and that signal would have to be strong enough to stream. We have the Zumo 665 with XM and were very happy with it. Yes, Sirius/XM's customer service sucks but thankfully I rarely have to deal with them. It's nice to be able to just ride and listem to Sirius/XM and not have to mess with trying to find a local channel which will soon disappear. I'm sure one of these days our phones will be able to pick up satellite radio, they already pick up gps signals. When they do maybe we'll have more choices available to us than just Sirius/XM. What would be great would be free high speed broadband available anywhere in the country.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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