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After riding for the last year with one speaker working and getting ready to take a long distance ride, I decided to go ahead with my radio replacement project. I spent alot of time researching the forums for information and spent alot of time in the stores searching for the perfect radio. For my needs the perfect radio was the Alpine Marine CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver - CDA-9886M. Cost ranges from as low as $150 to $450 depending on where you shop. I found the best place was in a local flea market at one of those flea markets that sells everything from socks to the latest in baggy jeans and bling. I also picked up my Sirrus transmitter there also ($99). After sitting around for a day or two figuring out exactly I wanted to do, the dance was on. After removing both sides of the tupperware, windshield and unbolting the from headlight plastic, the installation took place. I mounted the Sirrius boxes on the read of the speedo console, and mounted the Sirruis Antenna on the metal crossbar on top of the frame.

Running all the sirruis wiring was easy cause it all was able to run under the dash back to the stringray area. Now the fun part.

I decided to remove the CD and everything attached to it. This left some additional intercom wiring. I removed it and was ready figure out the wiring for the new radio. Now I could have purcashed the BMW M3 radio harness which might have given me existing handlebar controls, but I doubted it, so after figuring out the speaker connections, it took me a few additional mintues to figure out the power connections. After testing the connections and sound quality for a hour I started finally hookup. I pulled my old DICE system from the rear saddlebag and attached my IPod, thus elimating even more wires. After installing the new radio I took my tank bag and modified it to hold the Radio Remote Control. (See Pics) Well it's been two weeks and she works like a charm.

I've tried to upload pictures here but they appear to be to large so I will try to upload them to the file area.
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