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So, we're watching the Super Bowl with some neighbors, (RIP Pat's), and during the half time we are discussing Tom Petty, (the only Petty's known down here drive Cup cars!) I mention Rush would make a better half time show, and the lady 2 doors down says, "Bull crap, he tore up the Ritz-Carlton when I worked there in '04 and I wouldn't watch that show for anything in the world!"

Well I just finished reading Neil Peart's "Roadshow" a couple weeks ago, and my jaw dropped. She knew all the details of Alex and his son, Justin's confrontation with the authorities at the Naples, Fla. Ritz-Carlton in 2004, even though she really has no idea who Rush is:). Her version certainly differs from Neil's version in "Roadshow", but who cares, a great conversation ensued , and now she has my copy of "Roadshow", which I am sure she will enjoy.

She was the staff manager of the housekeeping crew when the incident occurred. You got to love this small world.

Sorry the Pat's lost, but the Manning's will have a great off season:(
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