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I wanted to take this opportunity to share a lesson learned this week.

I usually commute from Virginia Beach to the Washington DC area every weekend. I work in the DC beltway and live in Virginia Beach (Approx 220 miles). I usually ride 2000 miles a month or more.

I drove home last weekend in my cage instead of riding my 2005 LT like I normally do. So my Dolly ended up sitting in DC for 1.5 weeks without being started.

The battery is 6 months old.

I went on on Tue to get something out of the saddlebag and I had my key fob (alarm fob) just like normal. Bright red LED lights when I pushed the buttons.

When I pushed the UNLOCK/DISABLE ALARM button I heard 4 short to me. I had never heard that before. I did not hear the central locking system unlock the saddlebacks/trunk/stingray like normal.

I used the "45 degree" trick to get into my trunk and dug out the manual for the alarm system. NOWHERE in my manual does it ever mention 4 short beeps.

1 beep - Alarm disabled
2 beeps-Alarm Enabled
3 beeps-Alarm Enabled; Motion sensor Disabled

I called my friendly "local" dealer (Morton's BMW in Fredericksburg, VA) and explained what was going on. The service department manager, Stewart/Stuart (sp?), said he had never heard of the 4 beep thing either. He suggested that my bike's battery may be getting on the low side and preventing the alarm from functioning correctly.

I ran out that night and bought an Automatic 1.5 amp trickle charger at Advanced Auto (because my other two trickle chargers are in my garage in VA Beach) and charged Dolly up for 18 hours.

On Wednesday everything was right with the world.
No more 4 beeps
1, 2, and 3 beeps-just like the manual says
Locks/unlocks work
Dolly roars to life.

Again, I only offer this lesson learned because the owner's manual does not address 4 beeps, nor does it address implications of a low moto battery.

Ride safe. I hope to see a few of you at the local VA Beach "North of the Border" rally this weekend.

While at the rally:

Ride4Autism Poker Run

North of the Border Rally
Ride4Autism Poker Run
When: 9 Oct 10
Start: 10:00 AM
Last Bike: 11:00 AM
Prize for Best and Worst Hand
Come support your local friends and families
that have a special person in their lives

Single Rider: $25 Passenger: $25

T-shirt and Lunch included

All Proceeds go to the Autism Society of America “ASA”
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