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Hi All, I just bought a 2006 ex Canada K1200LT and the 15 Amp fuse number 4, in the right hand fuse box, blows straight away even without the ignition switched on.
I made up a wiring loom with a headlight bulb which I put in the fuse holder, to help me search for a short cut.
My workshop manual does not mention the alarm at all. I think the short is somewhere in the central locking/alarm system.
Can anybody point me in the direction where the alarm unit is fitted? Have you come across a problem like this?
I have taken the side panels and the tank off.


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It is usually the internal battery that causes that. Rather than trash the alarm (and lose central locking) find the three pin connector (circled in blue) with a green, brown and red wire back at the alarm and just cut the red wire. That will fix the blown fuse issue and the central locking will still work with the key on. Or you can just bypass the whole mess. You have two choices.

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