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AeroFlo Windshield

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I see the AeroFlo windshield has been released. I like the looks of it, but they're not shipping until July so no way to tell much from a few photos. I'm still using the stock screen, which I don't mind but girlfriend is not at all pleased with wind the hitting her when we ride. I doubt any windshield will help a lot with that problem unless it's elevated quite high, which I don't like. Maybe the only answer is to find a shorter passenger.
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Ask Commissioner Gordon to turn on the Meese-Signal and maybe we'll get some insight.
JimE said:
Ask Commissioner Gordon to turn on the Meese-Signal and maybe we'll get some insight.

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katnapinn said:
Your never-ending supply of talent continually amazes me. :thumb:
Thats about right i got my Cal-Sic windshield WED. Those wings look cool though. :wave
Alright, I get it. :)

Prepping for the 24-hour Utah 1088 LD Rally, so I'm a bit busy at the moment . . .

I have 4,000 miles on the AeroFlow screen. It works.

It is specifically curved slightly back so that it can control the air closer to the rider, meaning it doesn't have to be set so far upright.

I'm also running the AeroGards. They flat work. They cut the random airflow that comes around the side of the fairing down significantly. And you can still use the factory air scoops to get some cooling effect, without that tornado of wind getting dumped into your lap.

Paige knows aerodynamics, and this stuff works.
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Just pre ordered, hope I'm not too far down in the Q. Ken, thanks for the feedback, I'm sure you enjoy the product testing opportunities only afforded by huge miles and accurate input to develop a great product that can't just be designed in a wind tunnel!
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