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Hello folks,

Thinking maybe somebody went through this before and may have some input.

I recently replaced stock speakers with the Alpine. Difference was great and I decided to go ahead and add additional amp too.

Since I had a marine kenwood (kac-m1804) i decided to use it (bought originally for R1200RT WC which I later trade for K-bike)

Long story short, it works, and works pretty well.

However there is an issue.

Amp has a "sensing feature" and traditional 12-v switching line to wake the amp.

I installed everything behind the stock amp, found 12-v line but when I turn on the bike, amp comes to live, and, second later turns off. If cycle amp power (disconnect and reconnect the r-wire), it comes to live.

Turn the motorcycle off and on, it is dead again. Cycle amp supply, it works.

I have no idea why it is happening. My buddy suggests that because the audio on the bike may not send signal until after few seconds its turned on, amp turns itself off as there is no signal.

My understanding initially was that sensing feature shall power up the amp once there is a signal, but it isnt' happening.

Not much help from the kendwood manual,

Thank you in advance

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You could use the Kenwood receiver as a preamp, and then to a real amplifier..... however that starts putting a serious load on the charging system. I would be afraid of overloading the charging capacity of the bike.

Air buffeting and other factors on the bike, will never let the end result (what we hear through the speakers) sound anything like we are used to hearing in our listening rooms.

I like using noise cancelling ear-buds (most have an inline amp).... With some clean input sound like digital mastered CD, The ear-buds are hard to beat for reproduction of what goes into them.

However, distortion commonly comes from the input (source of music), not the source of the amplified output.

Just my 2 cents

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