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Active Cruise Control on 2022 R1250RT

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Does anyone have info to share about the availability of ACC? What I hear from the dealer(s) is that BMW is not making bikes with it right now - I've heard two different stories on why (chip shortage and an issue with a flooded plant in Austria). Any info on when it will become available again? My local dealers don't know.
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I ordered a new RT October. Build date the week of Nov 8. No indication that it is not included on the bike. The only indication of something not available was radio. Just ordered radio prep. Will be pleased if it shows up without it
bottom line I have not heard of what you speak
If they're missing ACC... seems a discount would be in order... but the freight charges may make up for that .. :ROFLMAO:

I barely ever use CC... and doubt I'll ever use the ACC... maybe something that can be uninstalled/sold?
I have faith that what I ordered will be delivered. If the bike was a customer order I believe any available chip would be installed in that bike as opposed to just a dealer allocation bike. If not then you are right a hefty discount is in order. Or no sale. and my deposit money back. My build date was a month ago.
I left the 1250 R/T motorcycle at the dealer; it did not have adaptative cruise control or a stereo system. I had insurance lyft ride to the dealer and was ready to ride away...Im a little pissed it was a 3+month wait now I am back to square one...
Did you order the bike with a radio or radio prep?
I could not order a radio but ordered the prep
What type of discount did you get for the ACC not included in the package that you paid for
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