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A South African and Canada?

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Hi all,
My name is Rod, and a s the title implies, I am a South African, now a permanent resident and Green Card holder.
I have a current passport (South African), and am curious if any one here has any experience with travelling into Canada. The wife and I (also from SA), would like to join a few of you on the trip around the lake.

I have no experience with Canadian borders, but have returned to SA a few times with no problem.

Thanks in advance,
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All you will need is a valid passport and you should be fine. Don't try to bring any firearms across the border or you will have them confiscated unless you can prove you are on a hunting trip up here.
Hi Rod!
There is an on going rant on this site from some guy a year ago that had problems getting across the border from the U.S. into Canada. He thought he was rudely treated. I wasn't there so I can't judge his individual circumstances but I can tell you having crossed the border and back at least 50 times over the last 5 years I have not had any problems. Ocasionally the guards are grumpy (I would be to having to deal with an endless stream of traffic all day), but I keep my mouth shut and let them go about their job. The guys that generally get in trouble at border crossings from my experience tend to be smart mouthed or beligerant. People who want to escallate things generally find out who has the hammer ... and it isn't them. Getting a lesson on who is really in charge here is not the way I want to begin or end a vacation. A simple "yes sir or ma'am" usually gets you through quickly and painlessly. Come on up we would love to see you and if you make it to the West Coast give my a ping.

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