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A happy man

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I sold my LT this spring and replaced it with a 2008 RT, I was lacking a bit of confidence in the LT after dropping it a couple times and being unable to pick it up by myself. This past weekend I did an advanced rider class at the track and was pretty impressed with how well the RT kept up to the crotch rockets, although I need the RT for my long tours I'd love to have a beater track bike to play with.

Anyway...I was washing the bike today and decided to lay it down on the grass to see how heavy this thing really is. I had the top box off but was able to lift it back up without any trouble, it was a bit of a grunt but it did come up, even with a full tank.

I've done a couple long tours this summer and find the RT just as comfortable as the LT but so much easier to handle both in parking lots and on the road. I guess I made the right move, besides I've always liked the look of the opposed cyclinders.



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Probably the reason why BMW continued the RT and not the LT. I love my LT for what I use it for, but at slow speeds I do wish it was a little smaller. I mainly do highway speeds and haven't had the need to pickup my LT though.
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