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A dead RT and don't know where to look..

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My brother was riding up to Colorado to meet up with me on my trip back form the east coast. Riding a 1997 R1100rt with less than 30k miles on it.

He was in "some heavy rain" and stopped to let it pass.

After the rain stopped he starting running again and all is fine for a half hour or so.

Running on the flats with a cross wind around 80 mph.

"The rpms went through the roof" is what he said. Like the throttle was held steady and the clutch was pulled in. Lasted a second or two till he let go of the grip.

Tried to get back on the gas and it did it again. ( at this point I was thinking he lost the clutch) When he pulled in the clutch the engine died. He said he tried to bump start it while he was still moving and the engine would turning over so I am assuming the clutch is OK.

Will crank but won't hit. Got all the lights on the dash.

The first thing I noticed when I found him on the corner was the oil on the top of the head by the filler cap. Cap leaks a little and the sight glass is empty. No oil on the back of the bike around the exhaust pipe like a piston let go or the rings collapsed.

He is going to bring it by the shop today for me to look at. Figure I will add some oil and start at the beginning. Pull the plugs and check for spark, compression test, and is the fuel pump running.

If it gets in to the electronics I will be back here for sure.

Anyone have this happen?

Any ideas what to check beyond the basics?

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There are weather resistant fuse blocks. Why they wouldn't have used one is beyond me. If the fuse block doesn't have anything connected to it that is necessary, then just disconnect it and ride home.
kevincaron said:
Didn't know it was the problem at the time. He had no tools and by the time I found him it was raining again. Found the problem at the shop once we got him home .
May be take it to motoghost next time? I've heard they are good. I don't know anything about Go AZ.
kevincaron said:
Have to get up there and meet them. Heard they are pretty good and affordable.

Took the bike for a 10 mile ride today. No problems that I could find. Guess it was just the fuse block shorting out because it was full of water..

Go figure.......
I have to get up there too. I hate riding when it gets much over 100.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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