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Hey All;

anyone else have this recent issue. please read carefully so we are not answering the same questions.

i have had a 665 forever. works fine. always do the updates.
i have had a iphone 6 for 2 years, always has worked great with 665. no problems with calls in/out.
Now the iphone had a revelation to do this great update 11.0 xx. now nothing works right.
phone call comes in, no notification on the gps, the music goes wacko, and you hear ah, ns,lh.hi.,yo,re, basically nothing.
try to call back same thing. hang up now the xm does'nt work at all.
yes,I did remove the phone a couple times and re-do the pairing, which works fine.
called garmin, all i get is try and do the new update,WHAT UPDATE, i run garmin express, no update. Iphone will no longer let you down grade back.
help. i need my phone on the bike, I am a industrial maint manager and on call 24 hours.
any ideas.

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